Our Company

BRIDGE PTS (Preclinical Testing Services) was founded in 2006 to meet the growing need for contract testing services in the areas of wound healing and biofilm-related infections. Our goal is to provide high quality testing services with a rapid turnaround time to help our customers identify and validate their drugs and medical devices.

Additionally, we are committed to continual innovation in the development of novel in vivo testing systems and models that closely approximate their human disease counterparts. Our research into new model development represents our commitment to our customers to provide the most advanced tools available in support of preclinical efficacy testing.

Our Core Values

Due to the nature of our scientific work, our Integrity must be the foundation of our value system. Those we serve depend upon our unfailing commitment to tell the truth and to present our data in an honest and straightforward way.  Any failure to adhere to this guiding principal imperils our customers, our company, our colleagues and our own personal livelihood.
The Technical Excellence of our people will be our fulcrum for raising ourselves beyond our competition. We will commit ourselves to hiring only the best and brightest, with diversity of minds, and we will provide them with an environment that promises to teach and learn, and which presents opportunities for personal and scientific growth.
Optimism goes by many names: determination, vision, creativity and drive. Our positive attitude will help us to overcome obstacles, challenge paradigms, and see opportunity where others see only change. Optimism will sustain us through adversity and uncertainty, by allowing us to focus always on what we will achieve.

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